Privacy Policy

Cyprus Vakifbank Ltd. would like to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all information given and disclosed by all our customers through the Cyprus Vakifbank Ltd website, Cyprus Vakifbank “Internet Banking” and “Vakıflar Bankası Cep” mobile banking. As our policy dictates, the information entered or updated by our customers into our websites, internet bankingand mobile banking applications cannot be viewed by other internet users.

Unauthorized access to the information shared with us by our is strictly restricted and limited for everyone, including the personnel of Cyprus Vakifbank Ltd.

Cyprus Vakifbank Ltd. will in no event share any of such information with any third person or entity without a prior consent of the relevant customer and unless required by the law.

Cyprus Vakifbank Ltd. may disclose such information only within the frame of the relevant authorizations and subject to the applicable laws and regulations. If and when any of the regulatory bodies and/or legislative or executive authorities and bodies having jurisdiction on Cyprus Vakifbank Ltd. requests disclosure of customer data and information, Cyprus Vakifbank Ltd. will reveal and disclose such information only within and to the extent of the relevant authorizations and permitted by laws.

Cyprus Vakifbank Ltd. guarantee to take any type of measures regarding information security matter and to invest in contemporary security systems.

Treatment of Customer Information held by our bank:

Private information of our customers will not be shared with a third person or an entity without their knowledge or approval unless it is a legal obligation.

Information in question shall be protected under the highest security and confidentiality standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to obtain further information regarding this matter.

Our bank’s system and the website, Cyprus Vakifbank “Internet Banking” and “Vakıflar Bankası Cep” mobile banking application is kept at the highest possible level of confidence with all the necessary measures taken in order to assure security of information submitted by our customers during their product/service application or account information update process.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Bank if and when you wish to get additional information on any matters with regard thereto.